Saturday, October 24

Solar Cooking Saves Readers Money

When I wrote A Month of SUNdays - Solar Cooking at Home, it never occurred to me that readers would actually call me. Oh, I do have a form to submit solar recipes -- but phone calls? What a delightful surprise!

One Midwestern lady felt that since we had just spent the last few months together in her kitchen trying out all my solar recipes, she just had to call and tell me how much she enjoyed them -- even on days when there was NO sun! Just used her conventional oven set at 325F. to match the solar oven.

Solar Energy Reduces Utility Bills
 There have been at least thirty calls in the last few months and it's finally dawned on me that I've written a book of solar recipes that people are not only reading but buying, and enjoying! OMG. Thank you! But, more importantly, the readers I've spoken to all noticed a significant drop in their utility bills -- just as I promised.

Although big business is working hard at greening us up with solar panels, biofuels, home turbines, etc., there is no way around the fact that, at present, making these changes can be very expensive for most homeowners. But, solar cooking is the right price for everyone -- FREE!

Solar Energy Cost for Solar Cooking

As a budget-payment utility customer, my first reduction this year came in July and I dropped from $165 a month to $107! My all-electric house, work shop, craft shop, and a pool keep the utility company happy. Without further reductions, that's already a savings of $642 a year!

Last year, September was free, $14 in October, $65 in November, and back to the beginning in December. This year, I added the pool in May. But, there have been NO power surges (power surges to maintain household temperatures average 55% of your electric bill), house remained comfortable, and food was great. And, I'm so happy that my solar recipes are working for others, as well.

Solar Savings is the Joy of Solar Cooking

But, that's the joy of solar cooking. You don't have to use it everyday -- well, you can't, can you, if there's no sun? -- but there are enough sunny days to make a difference, as long as you have 20 minutes of sun per hour. Now, if you have property that is overwhelmed with trees, you may have to locate a neighbor with a sunny patch to share!


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