In my Garden...

In my Garden...
I like my comforts and convenience. Today's fast and efficient methods make gardening comfortable and something everyone can do! For convenience, here's links to my own gardening posts for this old lady's fresh veggies and fruits!  

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July 23, 2010 - Beautiful Summer Garden - I'm really surprised to see such progress in the summer garden. Everything was planted in early June and then we hit a serious hot spell that kept most of the plants very undersized. Then, the Lord took pity on me (well, everyone else, too) and rained for three days, lowering the temperature enough to give the plants a chance to settle in and do their thing.  Isn't it pretty!


July 12, 2010 -  Babies in the Cherry Tree! - The spring garden just pooped out -- it just got so hot that everything either bolted, burned up, or went to seed.  The broccoli didn't head well but I was able to freeze plenty of off-shoots and stems. A big green head wasn't all that important to me and I did get a nice harvest.  BUT, there was some excitement in the mini-orchard that will start to produce next year.  Baby birds were spotted in the crook of the cherry tree. They are adorable.


May 3, 2010 - Ferns and Fence Finished! Sometimes, you think you'll never catch up and, then, there comes a repair job that puts you even further behind.  This side of the fencing has needed to be replaced for some time and the weather is finally cooling off enough to get it done -- I mean, done.  Now, I just have to worry about the other 80 gazillion feet of fencing that needs replacement.


April 22,2010 -  23 Days Old - First radish harvest of the spring.  It's always exciting and radishes never let you down.  These were beautiful inside, crunchy, with just the right amount of piquancy. Young spring onions were also available, along with some leaf lettuce.  But, it's so hot, I'm not even sure there's going to be a full spring garden.


April 17, 2010 - 18 Days Old - Hot weather is confusing plants. Peas are just starting to climb the supports. Sage is full of new growth. Broccoli has firmly rooted and is putting out the shading leaves. Onions are over 6". Radishes are beginning to fatten up. Lettuce is still a little timid about facing this hot weather. Chives had flowers pinched after pix was taken.


April 9, 2010 - Herb Bed Lasagna Garden A full step-by-step blog on making your own lasagna garden. These are perfect for rocky soils and for creating any design you want. Soil becomes perfect loam after just six-to-eight weeks.



March 29, 2010 - Cool Spring Garden - Keeping up with the progress of this year's spring garden. Pictures will be added as time passes. Summer garden will have its own entry. 


March 20, 2010 - Super Large Kitty Necessary - Trials and tribulations of having to protect my garden from neighbor's cats who assume I've built them their own 'necessary.'



January 25, 2010 - Save Your Back - Use Lasagna Gardening - It can't get any easier than this for creating new beds, either for veggies or flowers. Pick your spot, lay down the newspaper, clippings, manure, dirt, and stand back. Beautiful garden loam in about six weeks.


January 8, 2010:  Catalog Time! Picture shows my waist-high garden I built using the French Intensive method. This is where I've introduced you to my method of what I call 'television planting' of my gardens using paper towels, flour, and liquid fertilizer to make my 'birthing sheets.' It's fast, economical, and places those plants just where they need to be. Thinning is done with small scissors.



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