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It's hard to always see every Home Page Widget midst all the buttons and ads, so I decided to make a special page to list the blogs or websites I really enjoy, and hope you will, too.  They're informative, quirky, snarky (that's a new word, for me!), funny, strong, courageous, and working their own way through this new high-tech world of ours. It's a 21st Century kaffeklatch that's filled with a variety of opinions, ideas, tastes, and the joy of sharing with others. Please check them out and discover for yourself some really terrific people.  Even though I focus on solar cooking, my interests are eclectic and I find the whole world fascinating.  It's especially fun to meet the new generation of homemakers, mothers, entrepreneurs, and world shakers.  We are linked through the generations and, yet, there's a vibrant new perspective that assures me the world will be just fine when the Lord decides to call me home... until then, stop by and visit the cyber-friends I've found and all the new friends to come.

May- 2011 - One thing I've noticed is that there are many reasons for people to maintain a blog and, once that goal has been achieved, the blogger may change their blogging purpose and start a different blog or simply close the blog down. I've checked the links below and purged those that are no longer working, as well as added new sites. If you've changed the name of your blog, please feel free to let me know so that I can have a current listing and folks can find you. Have a great day!

Adventures of an English Mum -
Adventure in Solar Cooking -
Adventures in Writing -
Alex J. Cavanaugh -
A Little Bite of Life -
All home Cooking. All Year Long. -
A Mom's Quest -
Anali's First Amendment -
Andrea's Recipes -
April Showers -
Ardent Epicure, The -
A Stone's Throw From Insanity -
Band Back Together -
Be Awesome Instead -
Big Red Barn, The -
Cabin Fever in Vermont -
Cheap Therapy -
Chile Chews -
Confessions -
Cook's Thesaurus, The -
Cottage by the Cranelake, The -
Curious Blogquat, The -
Creative Kristi -
Crocheting My Best With My Worsted -
Daily Good -
Destination Unknown -
Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria -
Ellie Garratt -
Fantasy Casting -
Farm Girl Recipes, The -
Frugal Homesteads
Frugal Tractor Mom -
Green In Store -
Green Bean Chronicles -
Handbags & Handguns -
Headaches, Hotflashes & Hormones -
Heligirl: Clever Mommy Blog -
Home in the Hollow -
House of Annie - (new blog Aug 1, 2010)
I Refuse to Go Quietly -
It's a Keeper -
It's Always Something -
Jen Has a Pen -
Kitchen Gadget Girls -
Lady Bloggers Society -
Lex Loci Lori - 
Life On Possom Trot - 
Little Blog In The Big Woods -
Little Food Junction -
Maaaaa of Pricilla, The -
Michael's Kitchen -
Millennial Housewife, The -
MomGateway: Portal to Easy and Healthy Recipes -
Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant ... -
Musings from Mt. Rogo -
My Bric-a-Brac -
Newlywed Adventures -
Nolie's Place -
Octoberfarm -
The Old Foodie -
Pass the Sushi -
Peak Oil Hausfrau -
Peeling An Orange With A Screwdriver -
Pokeberry Patch -
powderate -
Ruby's Musings -
Secret is in the Sauce, The -
solar oven chef -
Solar Cooker - An Adventure in Solar Cooking, The -
Southern Institute, The -
Taking On Magazines One Recipe at a Time -
Talli Roland -
Texas Word Tangle -
Things I Can't Say -
Tramp's Camp -
Undefined - Kitchen Belleicious -
What's Cookin'? - 
Words of Deliciousness -
Write-Brained -
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