Thursday, July 29

Solar Ham Loaf Patties and Tomatoes With Summer Squash Casserole

Solar Ham Loaf Patties and Tomatoes With Summer Squash Casserole
My neighbor and I have collaborative gardens! Not by plan, mind you, it has just happened. My tomatoes have yet to produce mature fruit, but hers have pretty much reached the end of their season, and she openly shares the bounty. But, my squash is starting to come in and the next few weeks are going to be busy and, as you know, once they decide to do their thing, there's no stopping for the gardener -- and, of course, my neighbor will share in its bounty (not to mention being a taster for my recipes, as well).  So, with the bounty of herbs and spices, onions, and squash, dinner was a snap. Uh-oh! No, it wasn't...

Monday, July 26

Solar Beef Heart Scotched Egg on Quinoa Bed -GYO #42

Solar Beef Heart Scotched Egg on Quinoa Bed
[UPDATE: This dish has been entered in Andrea Meyer's July Grow Your Own #42 cooking event because it has so many items fresh from the garden. It's being hosted by Kitchen Gadget Girls, so check them out for some neat stuff and this month's entries.]

I love dishes that give the diner a little tasty surprise; but, I still want the flavors to carry over throughout the meal so that everything harmonizes. This is what happens with my Beef Heart Scotched Egg recipe.  Beef heart is high in protein and four ounces goes a long way but doesn't 'feel' like you've had enough, so I decided to hide a boiled egg inside the loaf mixture to balance it -- just like Scottish Eggs.  The quinoa shares a lesser amount of the same herbs and spices as the beef heart mixture along with some extras that give it its own identity on the plate -- and, another surprise! -- there's a layer of garden-fresh yellow squash under the quinoa bed that adds a subtle nuttiness. This is a meal that will feed alot of people based on how many eggs used because they are encased in just under one-quarter inch of the beef heart mix.

Sunday, July 25

A Toast to You, My Followers and Commentors

Sundays Are for Toasting My Followers and Commentors!
You're all so very special to me and I look forward to sharing comments and postings, every day. I've been wanting to set aside one day a week for a special posting, as so many others have done; but, what could I do that would be different?  Well, there I was, drinking my libation in this very special glass made for me by a dear friend,  thinking and thinking of what I could do (...actually thought myself to sleep, at one point!), reading through new comments and slowly realizing that my replies weren't always seen by the commentor. Not everyone returns to see responses and I know that most of you are very busy just trying to keep up with your own postings... sooooo, I decided that Sundays would be my day to thank all of you who visit, who do or do not make comments, but have become my virtual friends.  I've heard it said that, once you toast someone, they become a friend for life (or, at least, will think warmly of you), so here is my first of many Sunday toasts to you!  
Thank you, to those who follow,
Thank you, to those who speak;
Thank you, for sharing your postings,
Hope to see you, again, this week!

Friday, July 23

Summer Container Vegetable Garden Update

Summer Container Garden Has Survived the Heat
There's been so much happening in the last few months that I almost forgot to update on the gardens. Spring container garden finished up in late May and the summer garden went in the first week of June. Then we had nothing but hot dry weather and I really thought I wouldn't have a summer garden. But, I diligently went out in the cool early mornings and watered the beds. Things were slow until last weekend's daily thunderstorm and cooler weather. Vegetables had a great growth spurt and even offered up some goodies.  If you look close, you can see my first summer squash in there.

Sunday, July 18

Solar Cooking at Home - Why It's the Green Thing to Do - Vlog No.1

Intro to Solar Cooking at Home - Why It's the Green Thing to Do
Okay. I've taken the plunge. Put on your dark glasses and silk screening to protect your eyes from immediate blindness and your soul from being sucked in by internet waves! This is me, getting through my day, warts and all -- including sputtering... Yes, this is the same lady whose profile picture looks...well...different...from the vlog.  That's because it costs money and lots of rolls of film to look that natural! So, I decided to skip the primping and special clothes because I know there'll be more vlogs to come and I didn't want to have to get gorgeous every time there would be something to show you. So, here it is.

Some rules to keep in mind:
   1.  This is the how and why of what solar cooking means to me, and to you.
   2.  I didn't edit any sluffs because it's unscripted and I'm not perfect (in spite of what all my friends say!)
   3.  I have a heart of gold and it's in the bottom drawer on the left...

[Pssst.  Just love the way the camera angle gets rid of my double chin, too!] I can only assume these (the vlogs, not the chins) will improve as time passes, or, at least, before I pass... thanks for visiting.

Thursday, July 15

Bird Nest Available to Mama Bird With Black Belt

Bird Nest Now Available to Mama Bird With Black Belt
"Know from this the world's a snare,
How that greatness is but care, 
How all pleasures are but pain,
And how short they do remain." -- Francis Beaumont

I hate to say it, but I think the cats got the babies... no signs of a struggle, though, so it's a little confusing... doesn't matter, (sigh) the nest is vacant... empty... abandoned... bare... deserted... stark... uninhabited... unlived in... untenanted... void... without contents... in other words (sniff) -- to let...

Monday, July 12

Baby Orchard Produces -- Well, Babies!

A Serious Case of Apples and Oranges -- and, Babies!
The orchard is young and won't be producing fruit until next year but, today, I found that there was production going on -- new life!  Right in the middle of the cherry tree.  Now, last winter, my sister and I spent considerable time replacing old bird houses -- that are still looking for tenants, I might mention --  all situated in a safe place above the pampas grass, and -- away from the neighbor's cat.  But, oh, no, Mama Bird picks a cherry tree crotch about four feet off the ground and not protected, at all. Were I to give her any
 long-term thinking ability, I could accuse her of staking a claim on an early spring crop, but I figure with this late brood, she wasn't the brightest chick on the wing and was pulling on ancestral memory patterns for house-hunting.

Wait! Is that another open beak behind the 'star' hogging the photo op?  I think there is... yes,

Saturday, July 10

A Solar Cooking Interview on Life is Not Just Paper and Glue

 Life is Not Just Paper and Glue - It's a Whole Lot More is a blog run by Tammy Malone, crafter extraordinaire. Anything you want to know about stamping, designing, scrapbooking, this is the lady to ask for some great ideas. She has not only had her wonderful crafting books published but is on several major crafting designing teams and has a resume that is just short of breathtaking.

Well, today, she posted her interview of me, It's So Hot You Could Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk, and solar cooking. So, hop on over and read the posting, of course, but also take the time to discover what a great lady she is and how she may be of help to you, one way or another. For instance, if you can pull yourself away from my interview and you need a last-minute mini-gift and happen to have some spare chocolate (a  Lady Godiva bar, maybe?) around the house (hahaha...heeheehee...snort!.. like that's going to happen), she has a great way for you to make it even more special right here. Check out her other ideas, too.  You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, July 7

Plethora of Blueberries Has Been Tamed by Solar Oven

Blueberries Tamed by Solar Oven
With many thanks to my gracious and generous neighbor, I have had a plethora of blueberries to prepare and enjoy -- beyond piling them in a bowl and covering them with cream and sugar! Yummie!

Let's start with blueberry pancakes, covered in a solar blueberry sauce that will last a few more weeks!

Tuesday, July 6

Happy 75th Birthday, Dalai Lama

Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.                  -- Dalai Lama

Random Acts of Kindness Build Bridge of Love Around the World
Lisa, from Anali's First Amendment blog, forwarded information about celebrating the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday by each of us performing a random act of kindness toward someone close or outside of our personal circles.  Showing compassion or kindness to another, in any way we can, and you can participate. 

Why not click on the Feed the Hungry buttons on my blog as a way of participating, as soon as possible?

If you would like to actively participate and be listed, *Se'Lah* from Necessary Room is holding a blog event where we all are building a Bridge of Love around the world and linking back to her site. Won't you join us?
Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion.  — Dalai Lama
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