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I'm in January's Grow Your Own Roundup #38!

The Grow Your Own Roundup #38
In early January, I was contacted by Annie and Nate of House of Annie asking if I would like to include one of my recipes in the January Grow Your Own Roundup based on their reading my blog about gardening and fresh food for the table. I was thrilled and it sounded like fun, so I said yes and sent in the recipe from my first contest entry -- and didn't give it another thought.

Annie and Nate were January's hosts for the Roundup which was started about two years ago by a blogger I dearly love, Andrea Meyers , to share recipes written by cooks who grow or raise their own food or stock. Not to be too limiting, folks who have gardened or raised stock in the past or been given food or stock can enter their recipes, too. So, if you want to join in this month's Roundup, you'll find the instructions on Annie's site.

61 Delicious Entries Ready for You to Try Complete Roundup #38
Nate (Hawaiian) and Annie (Malaysian) met and fell in love at university in Hawaii. They are discovering the joy of blending their own Asian and Hawaiian foods while including more Western foods into their kitchen. In August of 2009, they moved from San Jose CA to Kuching, Malaysia and expect to be located there for some time. They have a wonderful blog and I hope you'll visit it, often.

Well, today, I got an e-mail letting me know that Roundup #38 was now online and how this edition of Grow Your Own had 61 different dishes from 8 different countries. There's some good eating, there, so make sure you have your 'cut-and-paste' fingers nice and nimble. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Grow Your Own Roundup #38

Please Don't Hide Your Recipes - Share Them for Now and the Future
As busy as we are, sharing recipes is still something we all enjoy. Whether it's an old family favorite or a recipe you've created from found ingredients, sharing it gives it a history and a future. As my readers have told me, when they cook one of my recipes, it's as though I'm there in the room with them. It's really quite intimate and cozy. From the moment you choose your recipe, prepare it, cook it, and then finally enjoy eating the recipe someone has shared with you -- be it from your mother, grandmother, friend -- you are holding them in your thoughts. It's impossible to do that without remembering so many other little things you've shared. Enjoying their food is an emotional hug that warms the heart and the tummy.

Don't grow your own food? Have a Chia? Isn't there something that can be done with the, er, uh, clippings?


  1. Sharlene - wow, what a great shoutout to us! Thank you thank you for the mention, and especially for participating. Your solar cooking post is really unique and I'm glad you chose to enter it in our roundup.

    Hope to see more solar cooking in future GYO roundups! Stay tuned to the House of Annie for the announcement.

  2. yep I love looking at recipes and have enjoyed the ones you've psoted here. Which reminds me, I have a recipe to share this week :D

  3. Thanks for sharing this Sharlene. I love reading your blog and finding out what else you are up to with solar cooking, and reading your recipes. I'm getting a Sun Oven myself soon. Then I know I'll be following your blog even more religiously while I learn from you how to cook wonderful foods in it.

  4. Congrats :) Thanks for coming by to comment...Can you solar cook in Michigan? We don't get very much sun...maybe in the summer? I'll be back to see what else you come up with...It's very interesting!

    Thanks again :)


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