Monday, March 29

Spring Garden 2010 Progress

Spring Garden 2010 Progress - Three Days Later 
Well, it seems I've really won the battle against the neighbor's cats. The weather is cooler than last week and seedlings have begun to sprout.
Here are the sugar snap peas getting ready to  make their climb.
The chives are really taking off and the broccoli seems to enjoy the transplant.
The sage plant is just beginning to have new growth and so I'm going to leave it here.

You can just barely see the tops of the onions coming up and some radishes on the far side. The radishes are now growing in the new arrangement provided by my neighbor's cats and will require more thinning than I usually have to do with the 'birthing sheets' used. Once I got past the shock of seeing everything in disarray and put up the chicken wire, it wasn't too bad and there will definitely be a harvest.

Spring Garden 2010 Progress - Eight Days Later
The sugar snap peas have just noticed the trellising available and, as soon as they've grown some climbing tendrils, they'll be soaring upward. You can just barely see the chard coming up next to them. Yummy.
Definitely starting to get that wonderful garden green look! The radishes have popped up on the middle left and the broccoli has added leaves. Onions are about 1-1/2 inches above ground. Gonna be a great year.
Cabbages and herbs waiting to go into their beds. Have built a totally new lasagna garden next to the craft shop for the herbs, and will just put the containers in the ground with their bottoms cut out. Will put the cabbages below the fall producing fruit trees as ground cover. The spring fruiting trees (cherry, apricot/almond, and peach) have strazzberries and strawberries at their base. Love to companion plant. 

Gardening in the 21st Century
I used to plant everything I possibly could -- whether my family enjoyed the foods, or not. It was the joy of gardening that hooked me and my neighbors got the surplus. Now that I'm a doddering old lady, I plant what I enjoy eating and, if I think I want something else, I'll hit the local farmer's market. The convenience of fresh salad veggies (from garden to tummy in under 1/2 hour!) keeps me planting.

With the great technical innovations of the past forty years, gardening really can be quite easy for everyone. Lasagna gardening for ground plantings, French intensive for the big container garden, and TopsyTurvy planters for confusing the bugs and getting luscious crops -- well, it's just a great time to be growing  your own. I hope you'll give it a try.


  1. Looking Good! My garden area is finally weeded and needs to be tilled. I have lots of plants started inside, but I am late getting outside.

  2. I love people with green thumbs. Unfortuantely mine is brown :-(
    Love your garden.

  3. I´m a bit jealous I think :-) We can´t plant or sow anything outside for yet another month I think. But that´s the way it is when living so far north as I do.

    Have a great day now!

  4. Great Blog! I love your garden! I'll have pics up of mine soon! I've been too busy working in it to post pictures! LOL

    Thanks for the follow and I can't wait to share ideas and get more information on solar cooking from you!

  5. Very nice! I love gardening! I find it so fulfilling! Thanks for stopping by my blog...SITS!

  6. everything in your garden is looking good. i have a huge sage plant that comes back each year and i am hoping our winter did not kill it. my chives are out of control! good luck with your berries. the birds usually get to mine before i do. last year i could not believe the number of blueberries i had. i waited and waited for them to ripen and then one day they were all gone. i think the birds were waiting more intently than i was!

  7. There is something so special about planting and growing, and then eating, your own food. Beautiful photos too.

  8. OH checked out your eggs- loved them!


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