Sunday, November 7

November Toast - A Time for Cheer

November Toast - A Time for Cheer
The year has flown by and so many new friends have become a part of my life. It's so exciting to visit their sites for new postings and then have them visit mine. It's hard to imagine how much the Internet has changed the way we seniors face our less active years. We have found friends from all over the world who share our interests, halve our sorrows, and double our joys, because we are able to touch each other even beyond the ways of the old kaffeklatch.

Blogging opens our hearts even more than the spoken word. Is it because the quiet tapping of the keys makes us feel as though we are sharing secrets? Does saying some things out loud make the reality too harsh? I don't know the answer but I do know that we have created a supportive world that was unknown just 20 years ago and is commonplace among the young. So, to you, my new-found friends:

Though miles prevent a warm embrace;
And avatars may hide your face.
You're not alone; how can you be?
The Internet has set you free.
And, 'though we've met in a world so new; 
Joy and Love, my friends, to all of you! 
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