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It's My SITS Day! Welcome, SITStahs! Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -- My "Decorating for Christmas on a $15 Budget," free e-book gift to you has been extended through the Holidays! Obviously, my SITS day has passed but for all of you who continue to visit, simply follow the directions at the end of this posting and you will receive your own FREE copy, either as an e-book or in the .pdf version for those of you who use 

Today is my SITs Day! If you haven't heard about SITS, please check out their site. It's one of those super-special support sites that dedicates itself to helping more than 6,000 female bloggers find each other. Do yourself a favor and visit them if you want to find a way to build up your site, link together, and forge new friendships that make blogging such an exciting journey!

Now, if you've never been here to my site, before, welcome to a whole new experience in ways to make delicious meals and reduce your energy bills. Francesca (a really cool SITStah!) asked for a how-to article for the holidays and I decided to offer you my FREE ebook on Decorating for Christmas on a $15 Budget that used to be available on an older web site.  Before we switch over to the book info, I just wanted to say that I could go on all day about the benefits of solar cooking -- to the earth and your pocketbook -- but it's probably easier to let you browse my site and let it speak for itself! I hope you'll find it intriguing enough to want to incorporate it into your own cooking arsenal to create delicious meals for your family and put money in your pocket! But, now on to your FREE holiday gift!

FREE e-Book
 Happy Holidays from Creative Handz -- the crafty side of Solar Cooking at Home for Mainstream Cooks!

My gift to you, fellow SITStahs is this e-book I wrote and have offered on the old pre-Blogger Creative Handz website. I've been told that this book has helped a lot of people on very limited budgets who want to decorate their homes and still have money left over to enjoy the Holidays with family and friends. So, I wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it will help a lot of you in these difficult economic times have a great Holiday season!

With clear instructions and step-by-step pictures, these crafts can be done by you, alone, or as a family project. There's something for everyone! It's a true e-book with links to click to whatever chapter you want, go back and forth, or even print out instructions. I hope you will not only enjoy making some of the crafts but that you will add your own touches, as well. Inside, you will find how to do all the following:

Introduction and Preface on Using a Theme
How to Plan, Control, Implement Your Theme
What Supplies You'll Need on Hand
What Supplies to Buy with $15.00
Yarn Rope & Material Ropes
Yarn Bows
Yarn Dolls
Table Tree from Paper-Mache
Candles from Cardboard Tubes
Paper Bead Garland
Ornaments from Felt
Shelf Clown/Doll
Santa's Sleigh (from Turkey Carcass)
Decorator Storage Boxes
Paper-Mache Bowl
Paper-Mache Tray
Holiday Tree from Tubes
Guest and Holiday Book
Ornaments from Clay Dough
Treasure Nuts
Storage Canisters
Templates & Tips
And, Links to Other Christmas Crafts
[IMPORTANT} Because Blogger won't let me upload an e-book, if you want your FREE copy, simply let me know in your comment below and be sure to leave an e-mail address that I can use to send you the book. I do not collect emails or share/trade with anyone. This is just the easiest way to make sure you will get your copy in time. (P.S. The ebook is about 6M to download and the .pdf is about 2M, but not as flexible as the e-book. Let me know which one you prefer.)

****[NOTE: I've had a few emails w/e-books come back as undeliverable. These have all been from folks with a '' address, so I have resent your books in the .pdf format. Please make sure that your settings allow delivery from sjthomas [at] Thanks!]

Oooh, I can't leave without just a little more on solar cooking -- My recipes are a mixture of original, gourmet, quick fix, slow cooking, anything that you would want to prepare for your own family, to show that there are very few limitations in using a solar oven. I wrote my cookbook, "A Month of SUNdays - Solar Cooking at Home," to specifically show how easy it is to adapt your own cooking habits to solar cooking.

What can you cook in a solar oven? Quite frankly, anything you want to, which is the fast answer; but I submitted and won a cooking contest with this solar recipe Solar Cooked Coconut Nutmeg Mahi Mahi is Great - Hot or Cold that I hope you'll enjoy.

How does solar cooking save energy? -- Check out this posting Energy Bill Shows Solar Drop meant to show folks how far my electric bill dropped when I started solar cooking more often in the spring.

Need to feel good after people diss your cooking? I wrote An Honest Opinion is a Matter of Taste just so you won't lose your nerve, if you're new to cooking. Here's hoping it will lift your spirits.

I hope you'll take a peek at my other posts to discover all the great meals you can make with a solar oven while saving money, and come back, often. Thank you, SITStahs and EVERYONE, for your visit and have a great Holiday!
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