Sunday, February 20

Solar Baked Grapples - An Easy, Attractive, Delicious Dessert!

My sister discovered Grapples last year and jumped at the chance to bring more home, again, this year.  An interesting fruit combination that fills the kitchen with its aroma. Don't know exactly what the infusion of grape flavor does to the apple texture but, for me, the snap of the Gala or Fuji apple didn't pop as much as the originals I know and love. On the up side, they are tasty and I wanted to see what happens in the baking process. I used an apple corer and loved the spiral effect. Simply cut them down the center for serving.

Baked Grapples
6 apples
6 tsps raisins
6 tsps finely chopped pecans
6 tsps dark brown sugar
1/8 tsp each: ground fennel, cinnamon
6 tsps butter

Preheat solar oven to 225F. Lightly grease large cup muffin tin.
Pare and core grapples. Machine pared will give attractive spiral, too!
Fill each center with raisins, pecans, dark brown sugar.
Add 1/8 tsp each ground fennel and cinnamon.  
Add butter on top.
Bake in 275F oven for one to 1-1/2 - 2 hours.
Add a little butter on top of each baked Grapple and brown under broiler or use kitchen torch! Place on serving dish. Optional:: Add a scoop of my homemade chocolate chip ice cream.
What happened? They were fantastic! Hope you give them a try.

I'm on jury duty for the next few weeks, so postings will be brief. Did get another great meal done, today, and will post this week. Hope you all are enjoying this little peek of spring we're having!


  1. This looks so good. I am so glad that I found your blog!!!! I love it!! I have been having such a great time reading over your posts.

  2. I'm delighted! You're always welcome and we do love comment love, here!

  3. These look so good. We actually baked some apples the other day but all of your added goodies sound great.

  4. Now that the weather is moderating here we will hopefully be getting sunny days in the next month or so. We will dust off the Solar Oven and try your recipe - apples are so good - thanks!

  5. Oh my! This looks too good! For some reason I have not been seeing your posts, so I came to check on you, Sharon!! Oh, boy, am I glad! I just bought a bag of apples and this would go great with the snow ice cream I still have in the freezer. Come by when you get a chance...

  6. Oh my goodness do I love how this sounds!

  7. Baked apples are the absolute easiest dessert ever! And, don't forget to try it with pears, too!

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