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Versatile Blogger Award - OMG!

Blogger almost lost this post! Had to go Facebook to recopy the balance of this, but I've lost all my comments. Goldarn-it!... Anyway, it's back and hope that's the end of the Blogger Boo-Boos.

***Blush!*** I've been given the above award from Chile Chews, a blogger I've been following since almost day one of my own blogging journey. This is the goto lady for wonderful posts on her adventures and insistence of living a self-sustaining lifestyle and how to accomplish it. I'm still delighted that she follows me, because I'm an omnivore and most of my recipes would have to be rebuilt to suit her vegan tastes, but she hangs in there. I think what I like about her best is that she isn't in your face about her beliefs -- she just does.

Now, the second best thing is that, with this award, I don't have to do much more than share seven (7) things about myself that you might not know and then share the award with five other bloggers. You don't have to follow this, that, or the other, and jump through eighteen hoops. So, here goes.  (Some you may have seen back 2010, if you've also been following my Rockin' Chair Reflections blog.)
            Number One: I'm very tall inside because my 4'10" Mother (bouffant hairdos do NOT count in height) used to have me get things for her off the top shelf, saying, "You're the tallest!"
            Number Two:  No bag of potato chips is ever allowed to develop a sense of isolation in my house. Because I am truly a kind person, I consume them all at one sitting, for their own good.
            Number Three:  If you have anything bad, at all, to say (even with your facial muscles) about Elvis, don't even go there -- no, I'm serious, don't.
            Number Four:  I'm an inventor and, after a five-year journey, will finally be introducing the SolarChief(R), my solar oven specifically designed for mainstream cooks in Raleigh at the end of this month!
            Number Five: It doesn't matter who you are or what you do or where you come from, I have absolutely no interest in changing you or making you into something other than who you are -- I love the uniqueness of you and what I can learn from you.
I want to pass this on to five bloggers I've really come to enjoy and look forward to their postings, regardless of whether or not they post on a daily basis or every week, or so. Content is always interesting and their writing inspires me to do my best. Have patience with me; I'm still learning.

I want to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to five bloggers who have me looking forward to their postings, regardless of whether or not they do it on a daily basis or every week, or whenever. Content is always interesting and their writing inspires me to do my best. Have patience with me; I'm still learning. Hope you'll stop by and discover their uniqueness -- and, add them to your world. I'm going to try not to repeat previous bloggers I've sent folks to because I want to spread the love. Doesn't mean I've forgotten you; I'm just giving you a rest! 8-) House of Annie - Making you hungry for the good things in life. What can I say? She's a cooking doyenne and every recipe is mouth-watering. Frugal Homesteads - a northern Georgia site for reusing, recycling, and using local resources to create a unique homestead. Great posts and ideas. Talli Roland bravely went to Britain sever years ago and emerged victorious. Had three romantic novels published, found a husband, and shares her life across the pond in a most delightful way! - A Stone's Throw From Insanity. Annie has a great take on her life and always makes me smile. A great way to start your morning. - Confessions of an Untenured Teacher. Sarah keeps me up-to-date with what's happening with the younger generation. It's like having the kids come home from school and fill me in on their day. But, her students have hearing loss and she helps them learn how to listen and to speak. A beautiful journey I hope you'll share.
Visit and give them some comment love, whilst I get back to my 'secret' project! Oh, yeah, BIG things are happening and I have to be in ten (count them, ten!) places, all at once...


I really want to hear from you, so please, share your thoughts. We're not really strangers -- we're just friends who haven't met. Please use language suitable for young people to view. I'll be visiting you before long. Meanwhile, thank's for stopping by and leaving some comment love!

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