Friday, September 23

Stacking and Sealing in Solar Cooking - Video

Here's a new YouTube Video I've made to help people see how easy it is to double their recipes, stack the meals in their solar oven and feed tonight's hungry people and freezing a second dinner for later. Visit here or, if it's easier to click over to YouTube, there. Stacking and Sealing in Solar Cooking


  1. Sharlene, would you believe that it wasn't until watching your video that I discovered what solar cooking is? Oh my goodness! I feel completely uneducated but thankfully, your helpful video has served to educate me to the fact that cooking with the sun is fun and green! I love the carrier bag with the handles! Thank you for sharing this video! I now know I have to do some research on cooking with solar power! Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting! :)

  2. You are so good at vlogging! Love it xx

  3. Very nice blog. saludos de EspaƱa.

  4. Very much enjoying this video. Maybe.. when we get back to our own home a solar oven will be part of our plans. We've been talking about ways to back up the electric and also reduce our use since we plan to eventually live in the house with much less income. You look so different in video than your little avatar photo!

  5. @Bella I hope you've added to your knowledge about solar cooking and will think about giving it a try. You'll love the results.

    @Emma - Hey, Girl! Life is getting very busy, isn't it! Thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to do more but want them to be little mini-tips.

    @Rene - Welcome and thank you. Hope to see you, often. Love your blog and your recipes.

    @Mary - Thank you. I think you'll like the flavor of your meals and the savings. Also, it's a great opportunity to teach the grandchildren about solar energy! That's what I look like, when I clean up. The videos are when I'm doing my thing and don't have time to look adorable. I figure, if this ever goes pro, the make-up people will transform me!


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