Friday, May 11

Solar Indian Rice Roll-Ups

I just love trying to figure out what to do with perfectly good leftovers. The Indian Rice  that was cooked in the Wonder Box Cooker at the Midtown Market was enough for more than one meal and with fresh veggies and greens, it was time to get rolling!  Aren't they pretty?

Using garden-fresh lettuce with one thin slice of ham and an asparagus spear in the center made this a great second-time-around meal. There was very little added to the already spicy rice mixture and I decided to keep the sides clean and refreshing, too.

Doing one of my favorite ways of making clean-up a breeze, whilst adding flavor, I lined the pot with large leaves from my lettuce medley mix and then layered asparagus spears over top to make a bed for the rolls.  This would give them just enough steaming to cook thoroughly and still crunch.

On a large butter crunch leaf, I added a slice of boiled ham, a large tablespoon of the Indian Rice mix spread over the leaf, and one asparagus spear, scoring across the stiff spine on the underside of the leaf to make folding easier, and then rolled it from front to back.

All rolls were placed seam side down on the asparagus bed. The pot was covered and placed in the 225F solar oven for approximately 1.5 hours. Decided to offset the spicy rice with sliced radishes secured in a dressing made with mayonnaise, tomato catsup, sweet relish, and a little fresh minced rosemary, Greek oregano, Italian parsley, and German thyme. Over all, I poured 1/4 cup chicken stock with an equal portion of orange juice to brighten the flavors a bit.

I tried to do a radish rose, but realized I had a life to live and this would do. All in all, a delicious leftover meal.


  1. You definitely didn't need to worry about the radish rose with how gorgeous this meal looks on its own. I'm usually not a fan of stuffed leaves, but the combination you used for this sounds really, really good.

    1. I think using a light lettuce is a great way to introduce folks to stuffed leaves of any kind. Most of the others (grape, squash, etc.) are pretty strong and the filling has to be quite intense to offset them. Lettuce lets you experiment with lighter combinations. The best thing of all is how easy it is to stretch ingredients and please a crowd. They're so impressed with the presentation and controlled portions that it's something to think about. Hope you do become a convert!

  2. I've never tried roll-ups like these before, think I must do that because they look delicious!

    Have a great day!

    1. Oh, I hope you do, Christer! You're gonna love them and wonder why you haven't done it before. Have a great day, yourself!

  3. LOL! Funny about the radish rose! I agree about only being able to spend so much time preparing things. It does look pretty though. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! : )

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I have to remember that my purpose here is to show mainstream cooks that anything is possible, try to take nice photos, and leave the great food carving and photography to those who are obviously better skilled than I. Thanks for stopping by.

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