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SolarCub Solar Oven in Jacket Carrier

SolarCub(R) in Insulated Jacket Carrier
We solar cookers keep trying to find just the right portable oven to bring this exciting money-saving method of cooking meals to the general public. I focus on the mainstream and try to make it as appealing, as possible. In that regard, I offer different levels of start-up ovens, beginning with my mini-oven kit that will bake single-serving dishes, up to my SolarCub(R).  In my workshops, depending on their length, participants are shown how to make a variety of ovens from cardboard and foil; such as, the Copenhagen, E-Z3, and my own adaptation of the Cook-It.  For those people who simply want to buy an oven without having to build it, themselves, the SolarCub(R) is a ready-made kit, ready to assemble in a snap! The insulated jacket combining protection against the wind, retention of heat, and a carry handle for easy transport, is sold separately.
As I mentioned, assembly is a snap.

There is no bottom because I use rice/bean bags as a base and vessel holder.  The empty bag is included in the kit, with instructions on how to fill and close it for use. In addition, there is a piece of unhemmed 100% cotton knit black material to use as a heat-drawing cover.
To prevent movement, spills, and offer some insulation, I suggest that my customers use either a large blanket or box as a nest. But, you know me, if I can sew something, I'll do it, and the SolarCub(R) Carrier Jacket was born.  It snaps to the SolarCub(R) and remains stable in winds between 5-20 mph, while helping to retain heat. Alligator clips for attaching the jacket to the oven, rather than snaps, can also be used.

I think you can see the rice bag on the bottom, stabilizing the canning jar in SolarWear(R) and set in a double-folded oven bag,

Because the jacket is soft, it is easily raised to a true vertical position in the winter months. I've used a 2"x4" piece of wood here; but, you can use whatever you want.

When the meal is done, remove the cooking pot and begin cooking something else (if it's early enough in the day), or simply snap the handles together and bring it all inside! I love the food pattern on the Jacket Carrier; don't you?
My booth at the Farmers Market on the Commons at North Hills, Raleigh, opens on May 4th. Hope to see you there. For those wanting a SolarCub(R) Jacket Carrier that does not snap to the SolarCub(R), you can place an order anytime and it will be available for pick-up two weeks from date of purchase or shipment. If you want a Jacket Carrier that snaps to your solar oven, both items will be available two weeks from date of purchase.  Now, to make a matching hat and apron! Not!


  1. The insulated jacket combining protection against the wind, retention of heat, and a carry handle for easy transport, is sold separately.

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