Friday, June 21

3-2-1 Cake, Squash, and Tea at the Market!

Last Saturday was a great day for solar cooking at the Midtown Raleigh Farmers Market on the Commons at North Hills Mall. Started preparing tea water and summer squash (with some garlic from my neighboring vendor, Donald and Doris Kidd of Kidd Farm. They have fabulous elephant garlic, as well as other varieties, and it's a great place to stock up.  This will be mostly pictures.

Started my summer squash combo of Yellow Crookneck and Pattypan squash with chopped garlic stems, salt and pepper in the Global Sun Oven(R) and tea water in the EZ-3 at 8:15.  Once the squash pans were hot, I transferred them over to the SolarCub(R)

I knew another vendor, Better be Ellerbe,  would be bringing fresh peaches and bought a bag to create a peach layer under my 3-2-1 cakes.  So I used two peaches per 7-inch foil baking pan and doubled the cake recipe. Since you can stack your pans in a solar oven, I had three cakes going by 8:40 a.m. Phew! Time to take a break with a soothing cup of Camomile tea.

And was serving samples by 9:30!  The top layer was done, first, and I let the others stay in the oven until needed and completely baked.  I forgot my stacking dividers and made some out of heavy-duty tinfoil. Not the best for anything but light foods; but, they served the purpose.

There was still more than enough time before the Market closed at noon to bake another cake for my gentleman caller!  That gave the visitors something to watch, as well, and moved a lot of solar kits, too!  This week, I'll be heading down to Hickory, North Carolina for a solar workshop and need to make some lists so I don't forget anything!

So, we've done the 3-2-1 cake in a cup, stacked with lemon curd and, now, baked with a layer of fresh peaches.  Does that give you any ideas you'd like to share?  Please do.


  1. The squash with garlic makes my mouth water.
    Your 3-2-1 cake intrigues me....I may have to try it.
    Love, Lo

  2. hi charlene!!!i have had terrible problems with your blog. each time i tried to click to open it, it would open for a second and then adds would continuously flash. i couldn't read your blog, post a comment or even get to your emails! finally today it worked. it's been like this for a really long time! did anyone else have problems? joyce

  3. Hi Sharlene, This cake looks delicious. I love the peaches added to the cake. I am definitely going to be trying this soon. Thanks for the idea. Merry

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