Wednesday, June 19

Solar 3-2-1 Cake - a Great Personal Dessert!

After seeing this 3-2-1 cake recipe in so many blogs, I decided to give it a try -- first per directions and, then, using the solar oven to see how well it would work at my booth and for demos.  The basic recipe is one box of angel food cake mix with a box of any other favorite cake mix, thoroughly combined.  You are then able to make just a cup of cake, at a time, by combining 3 tablespoons of mix with 2 tablespoons of water and bake it for 1 minute in the microwave. Voila! Instant personal serving. It's the egg whites in the Angel Food cake mix that gives it the leavening. Well, I tried it and loved the results, didn't like the texture or taste. I wanted a fuller cake experience. Sooooooo, I added some of my powdered eggs to the mixture. Two tablespoons to be exact, to match the 3 eggs called for in the German chocolate cake mix I was using. Oh, yes. This was the solution.
Started with a zip-lock bag of Angel Food and German Chocolate Cake mixes with the powdered eggs.
Gave them a good shaking and blending.
Put the mixture into a canning jar and added instructions.
Did my first test run and prepared a cup.
End result was a cup high cake with great taste and texture.
Time for the solar cooking test.  Decided to use a shallow foil pan to see what would happen and how much I would need for samples.  BUT, first, I created this wonderful oven bag 'tent' from wire hangers to make sure the bag didn't collapse during baking. (I did NOT expect this to cook in one minute using a solar oven!)
And, here it is doing a wonderful job in the SolarCub(R) 

In just 35 minutes, I had a lovely sample height cake from just one serving recipe. At the Market, I would double it because there was this little idea forming about fresh peaches. . .
Meanwhile, I was just too lazy to make frosting and decided to use some lemon curd as a filling. A very good decision.
The beauty of this recipe is that I don't have to worry about carrying eggs, oil, etc., to give demonstrations. Just the mix and some water and it's good to go.  Hope you'll try it.


  1. This sounds so great. I am really anxious to try it.

    1. You're gonna love it. It's so easy to carry to demos and it tastes delicious, with our without frosting.

  2. I must be hiding under a rock because I haven't seen the 3-2-1 cake stuff anywhere. Thanks for introducing me to it, especially with your changes.

    1. Well, we were probably under the same rock! I totally missed it and then it was EVERYWHERE! I really think the powdered eggs made the difference in taste and texture. But, then, I never switched over to just egg whites so it's just my opinion.

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