Thursday, May 20

Energy Bill Shows Solar Drop - Awesome

Utility Bill Shows Solar Savings
Just got my second springtime utility bill and the drop was so much the meter reader installed a new meter! Yup. I've only blotted out my account number, payment, and address.  The bars tell it all. From last May through September, I had a pool pump running almost 24/7, plus a/c with solar cooking. Our December through February was C-O-L-D and heating took a heavy toll. I'm old and have chosen comfort in my retirement, with occasional solar cooking. Then, I started solar cooking in earnest at the end of February-early March. April and May show the drop with warmer days and solar cooking.  I think it's worth it. Don't you?


  1. That's great! I've got to get better organized and find a good place to set up the ovens to do that here.

  2. Awesome - I've got mine out today, but I've been neglecting it this year. Need to get back in the habit.

  3. you are sooo right.....i need to get to other blogs more often. i am so busy but that really is not an excuse. i am going to start setting aside an hour or so to do just that every evening. as soon as i find the time! haha!! i really am going to do this!

  4. Wow! The numbers say it all :)

  5. This is awesome! You have got to get me the sources you would recommend for a portable solar cooker!

    I want to use it at home but especially when we go camping this June.

    Email me at

    We would even consider making one...

  6. Got to love seeing results. Do you cook all your meals solar? Details please.

  7. @Chile: It will all fall into place.

    @POH: Yeah, it's like anything else, you maintain the habit. Low bills is my spur.

    @jaz: Nice to see your pumpkin here and that you do get out to play!

    @Sarah: Yup, that's when the reality sinks in, when you get the bill and they keep sending out new meters! Haha.

    @Tractor Mom: I've sent you a response.

    @Lori: No, I don't cook all the time in the solar oven but I use it as often as possible when there's a sunny day. It's so easy that I don't even think about it. But, I combine all my kitchen appliances and the solar oven is simply another one. Because it really does affect the utility bill, I use it more often than anything else and really want others to enjoy the advantages.

    @Christina: Love seeing that meterman making the trip; heeheehee

  8. Wow, that's awesome! It never occurred to me to do something like that. Do you like it?

  9. Congrats! That's great.

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog and voting for it! I really appreciate it!

  10. Wow, that's awesome! I'd never heard of solar cooking before, but I sure love a good low electric bill (especially since I live in Florida where the A/C jacks up the bill this time of year). I'm going to have to read more about this! Thanks for stopping by my blog for my SITS Day today, I really appreciate it!

  11. Wow! That's pretty convincing stuff! Over time, the savings really must be quite profound.

  12. That is fantastic! Just all around good.

  13. @DebraJoy - I love it. Been doing it for about five years, now, and I'm constantly amazed at the results...
    @CherylD - Come back and see me sometime...
    @Elizabeth a.k.a.TAM - Please come back and get the latest on solar cooking and then spread the news in FLA...
    @Anali - The savings really start to show in a few more months, when I start getting bills with No Charges. Yup...
    @UnknownMami - Thanks. You should try it.


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