Monday, May 3

Ferns and Fence Finished - Phew!

Ferns Are in Place Thanks to Lasagna Gardening
Clouds were forming and we've been waiting for thunderstorms, all day. I wanted to get the ferns in place before they dried out, as well as get the gate finished on the fence upgrade. 
You saw (on the left) what we worked out at the nursery and on the right is how it ended up. I used the Lasagna gardening method. The ferns are planted 'high' so I just set them on top of the layers and then added topsoil. Used a couple of bags of dried leaves for mulching. By the time the ferns settle in, the layers will have dropped down to about eight inches. That's an old plough that will have some bulbs growing out of the canisters in the next week or two.

Fence Finished and Gate is Smooth
Finally got the fencing and new gate done. Geez. What I used to be able to do in just a few days, took me a couple of weeks with lots of rest in between. But, I was able to upgrade the panels and really take my time on the gate closure. End result? A balanced gate that doesn't sag or drag on the ground.

Not bad for an old lady, eh wot? You can see where I haven't set up the fern garden, yet, on the far right. And, in spite of the dark clouds and moist air, not a drop of rain.


  1. It will look so great with those ferns there when they are steablished! I´ve never made a fence in all my life so I think You´ve done a great job with that!
    Have a great day now!

  2. Bravo! Great work putting together the fence. I am intrigued by the idea of a lasagna garden!

  3. It looks GREAT! I love ferns. I wish I had a place around my house for them, but sadly the only place is under the deck where I keep the lawnmower and landscaping supplies so there really is no point right now trying to make it pretty! LOL

  4. Your fencing accomplishment is great. What really matters is that we keep on doing or at least trying!

  5. way to go. we need a new fence. Oh and you had me going again. I am still hoping to have a "lasagna garden."

  6. Sharlene, Great job on your fence, your ferns, and your lasagna garden. Whew! You're a busy girl.

  7. Thanks, everyone. Little by little, I'm working toward the front yard and the more decorative form of gardening. Have two more smaller gardens to go on this side of the house and shop and then I'll wait till next year to do more...yup, uh-hunh, sure, of course...

  8. Ferns? How nice! I can't even dream of ferns here in the hot desert.

    Nice job on that fence and gate. We've got a couple of gates that need leveling to close properly, too. And I hear ya on not being able to do what you used to be able to in the same amount of time. Both hubby and I have noticed that.

  9. You are a dynamo! I need to re-inflate after getting in a funk about cat's, one cat in particular who has been ruler of the garden, thinking it's a new fancy litter box. Ugh. I'll read your post on that again. Note to self, gotta to follow Sharlene's advice. Your gate is fabulous. Happy gardening.

  10. Your fencing accomplishment is great. What really matters is that we keep on doing or at least trying! gold necklace germany , gold necklace usa


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