Monday, August 2

No Impure Thoughts Keep My Prize Fairy Working Overtime!

Gift Number One
I don't know what I did, but I'm sure it must've been the result of my not having any impure thoughts, because I won, not one but two (count them), TWO blogger giveaway drawings this weekend. It's really very exciting to discover that your name has been randomly picked and that, very soon, your prize will soon be in hand.

From jaz at, I won a book called 'Garden Witchery, Magic From the ground Up' by ellen Dugan. She bought the book in Salem (yes, that Salem, MA) and it is filled with wonderful poetry, drawings, and vignettes from writers we would have never thought to be interested in garden magic. I'm especially delighted to be able to read what the author has to say about gardening by the moon because I have often done it with excellent results, so far as root plants are concerned.
If you haven't visited her blog, you are missing out on some fantastic recipes, folklore, and garden design elements that will take your breath away. There is not a nook or cranny in her home that is not beautifully decorated, with a special Halloween theme during the fall. It's eye-candy all over the place and a site I am sure you will bookmark.  Her giveaways are ongoing and, if you would like a chance to win some exquisite treasure, simply leave a comment on the particular giveaway post. If you are not already a follower, sign up to follow. But, the most important reason of all for following jaz is Teddy, her teddy bear of a dog. You'll just fall madly in love.

Gift Number Two
So, imagine my surprise to discover that my name had been drawn on a second giveaway! Over at, just for being one of her followers, The Mom Chef is sending me some Cappuccino Kitchen Soap, made by her friend and soap maker, Marilyn, at Ritual Waters. Names are picked at random and each month some lucky devil (that's me, this month!) will receive a bar of this wonderful soap. BUT, this month, The Mom Chef says that her friend is such a strong believer in the creative life, whether soap making or cooking, there is a bonus of two other products being added to the prize package --  Citrus Spice Lotion Bar and the Plain Jane Lip Balm! (although, again, deep down, I know it's because I've never had an impure thought...)

The Mom Chef is about taking on recipes one magazine at a time because she loves to cook, doesn't have a sous chef or test kitchen, and definitely has a food budget.  She shares the truth about how well a recipe is written, how it comes together, how good it really tastes, and how accurate the ingredients and instructions are, so that you can have an idea of whether or not you want to try it. So often, it can be very disappointing to gather all the ingredients of a recipe, only to discover that the flavors just don't work for you or your family, or, worse still, the magazine has a correction for a previously printed recipe. You can save a lot of time and a lot of money by letting The Mom Chef do the hard work for you.

I hope you'll take the time to visit these remarkable women.  I'm going to set aside some time for reading and conditioning my hands, body, and, well, lips.  Thank you, ladies!
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