Sunday, August 1

Sunday Toast - A New Month and National Solar Cooking Day

Sunday Toast and Today is National Solar Cooking Day!
All over America, solar chefs are getting together to cook and share their knowledge of using a solar oven. I'm hoping to start an annual solar cooking festival here in North Carolina by next year.  Little by little, I've been speaking before small groups and community clubs about the benefits of solar cooking and it appears as though things are starting to take off.  Why don't you check your paper, today, and see if there's an event taking place in your area that you can visit and get to know the folks who have already discovered this fantastic way of preparing meals and saving money.

My Sunday toast to you:
May our friendship, like wine,
Improve as time advances.
And may we always have old wine,
Old friends, and young cares.


I really want to hear from you, so please, share your thoughts. We're not really strangers -- we're just friends who haven't met. Please use language suitable for young people to view. I'll be visiting you before long. Meanwhile, thank's for stopping by and leaving some comment love!

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