Thursday, October 21

Opening Night for 'Is He Dead' and NC Fair Entry Follow-Up

We Open "Is He Dead" This Weekend
Just to keep you posted, rehearsals are over and we open "Is He Dead" this weekend. Here I am in my second act costume as Bathilde. This is going to be a fun run...

It is always nice to be reminded of just how restrictive these styles were for women. I literally have to be dressed into this outfit that has at least four closure steps. No wonder women were always fainting. But, this really is a fun show and I'm looking forward to it. The cast is really top drawer and it's a privilege to be on stage with them. The run is almost totally sold out, and it's always fun to play to a full house. Wishes of "break a leg" are welcome!

North Carolina State Fair Craft Entries
Well, this was a week of surprises, for me, at the State Fair! Last Thursday, they judged all the entries and I have been so busy that I hadn't been able to find out how my entries did. Monday morning, my sister called me from work and told me that one of her friends had seen that the pysanky egg I entered for the North Carolina Egg Association had won the second place red ribbon. I was thrilled. It never occurred to me that I would win a ribbon, I just wanted to 'test the waters'since that this was the first time I had ever entered a contest. So, here it is, along with the first and third place winners.

And, these are close-ups of the four different designs:

Cotton Boll on NC State Outline
Lighthouses and Tobacco

Cardinal on Loblolly Pine
The Dogwood flower encircles the egg at top and bottom.

A Mystery is Solved - Wonderful Surprises!
For the next few days, my sister kept calling me and telling me how one friend or another had seen the winning egg and, each time, I would ask if they had seen how my other entries had done. They all said they hadn't seen any other entry. It wasn't until yesterday that I was able to run by the fair on my way to rehearsal and – this is what I found!
OMG! A Blue Ribbon!

First Place!
It was hard, believe it or not, for people to find it because it was all the way back in the corner of the display cabinet, and the tag was turned so that you couldn't read the name of the artist. Even I had a hard time locating it.

And, then, I went looking for my angel and found her here with a beautiful second place red ribbon!

And here's a close-up
Angel Celeste

So, that's what happens when this solar cooker takes a little break.
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