Friday, April 8

Ultimate Blog Party April 1-8 An Introduction to Solar Cooking

When invited by my blogging friend Tammy of Life is Not Just Paper and Glue to join the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 hosted by the twins, Susan and Janice, I couldn't resist. It doesn't hurt to bring new followers up-to-date and so I'm taking advantage of this great opportunity. I do want to thank you.  So, you'll get to see postings you might have missed and I'll get to meet new friends -- DUH, Winning! (Oh, Lordy, I can't believe I did that!)

I've been solar cooking for the last five years, using the commercially-made Global Sun Oven(R) and using mainstream recipes. While you may have thought cooking with the sun was just for campers and the Girl/Boy Scouts, I'm here to tell you that you've been losing a lot of money not taking advantage of this great energy source. FREE is always good -- and, the meals are delicious. Here are some of my favorite posts.

In celebration of Portugal Day 2010, I made this delicious Portugese Paella. It's beautiful and fills anybody's appetite.

Are Mainstream Chefs Different?  No, not at all. To see that there is little difference between the way you're cooking, now, and adding a solar oven to your arsenal of cooking appliances, I think you'll enjoy the savings and the delicious meals.

We look just like the rest of you!

When it's cold outside and you want a nice hot soup to take the chill off, why not try making Pumpkin Soup in Its Own Bowl? It saves on plates and make a wonderful presentation; don't you think?

Do you ever feel bad because unkind things have been said about your cooking? I think reading An Honest Opinion is a Matter of Taste will help you put everything in perspective.

Oooh, I can't leave without just a little more on solar cooking -- My recipes are a mixture of original, gourmet, quick fix, slow cooking, anything that you would want to prepare for your own family, to show that there are very few limitations in using a solar oven. I wrote my cookbook, "A Month of SUNdays - Solar Cooking at Home," to specifically show how easy it is to adapt your own cooking habits to solar cooking.

I hope I've piqued your interest enough that you'll take a peek at my other posts to discover all the great meals you can make with a solar oven while saving money. And, of course, I hope you'll come back, often. Thank you, for your visit. Now, I'm off to visit you!


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