Sunday, October 30

Rain, Cold, and Halloween Spooks -- Oh, My!

Was down to the Midtown Market by seven a.m., and it was very cold and rainy. Not driving rain with high winds, but non-stop straight down rain that did not portend and great solar cooking morning. But, that was okay because I had holiday crafts for the folks to see and was able to set up the Global Sun Oven(R) with all its paraphernalia on a table. And, that works just as well. Several people made a special trip to my booth to get more brochures and said they were ready to started.

This was how it looked until almost nine-thirty... lots of vendors, very few visitors. Was going to make chocolate chip cookies, but have saved that treat for another day.

There was a Halloween Costume Contest scheduled and lots of special things to do that had to be cancelled because of the rain -- but, the costume parade did. I was under my tent, freezing my little knees off, and the children were dressed in typical costumes over heavy jackets. The poor lady who did the face painting was in a Sleeping Beauty outfit and I think that was over leggings and a matching long-sleeved shirt. There were several winners in different categories and this young father, here, won a first-place trophy for making this wonderful pulled cavemobile. His daughters were definitely thrilled and never got their toes wet!

Wouldn't you love one of your own?

I know Mama was proud of her girls' Daddy. Now, if he could just make a Mercedes...

Three tasks I've set myself before next weekend:  Make a set of leg/knee warmers for my little arthritic knees, a soft cushion for my little (ahem) tush, and wear my BOOTS! Through some miracle of convoluted reasoning, the parking lot people has all the water running toward the curb at the Market, rather than toward center drains as so many others do. The ground squeegee had to be used more than once, until the rain stopped. My socks were soaked through and it all reminded me of my old sailing days in inclement weather. Truth is, there's nothing thrilling about being on a sailboat in a storm. It's just wet and cold and non-stop discomfort. But, the company was great and my discomfort was my own fault. That will be remedied.


  1. I have wanted a cave mobile since I was a kid looking at the Flintstones :-) :-) :-) Do they show them now days or do they only exist in our memories?

    So true, there's nothing thrilling being on a sail boat during a storm :-) :-)Everything gets dampÄ in side and it takes forever to get it nice inside again :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. That's really cool. Sorry that the weather was so bad for you. Fingers crossed that next week will be better weather x

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