Friday, April 2

Happy Easter, Everyone! These Are My Pysanki!

Just thought I'd share some of my pysanky eggs with my fellow bloggers. It's been a great season and they've been well-received. If you'd like to see more, check out my other site.

Happy Easter!


  1. Wow. My sister yused to make these but yours are really, really amazing! Thanks for sharing you talent!

    Visiting you from SITS!

  2. How beautiful.I love anything 'eggy' Reminds me of spring.

  3. Beautiful work! You obviously like working on a small scale. Your brushes must be TINY!

    I used to do some artwork (mosaic, assemblage) and always preferred smaller over larger. 'Course you could get ostrich eggs, I suppose... ;-)

  4. Thank you, everyone!

    Chile: I've always enjoyed working with small-scale. But, these are done with hot wax and layered colors like in batik work. If you want to see my ostrich egg, check out my photo albums on Facebook.

  5. These are stunning, when i see someone with this much talent I am in awe. Thank you for visiting me on my sits day :)

  6. Beautiful! enjoy your Easter Weekend!

    stopping by from SITS! :)

  7. Thank you, Lacie and Brassy Apple. Hope you visit, again. Love your blogs!

  8. So pretty! I love those, just beautiful! Happy Easter! Thank you for coming by my blog, SITSA!

  9. OMG! i was going to ask if you did these with wax. My grandmother used to make them. She was always going to teach me and then she never did. I broke the last one about 10 years ago.

    She did the most astounding designs.
    Is there a tutorial somewhere. She called them something else but I can't remember what.

    She came over on the boat from Poland.

  10. aoh wow....these are just fabulous!!! what patience you must have!

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  12. Minky Moo: Thank you, SITSta! Come back.

    Pricilla: I've heard them called either pysanki or Ukrainian eggs. I've been doing them for over 40 years,now,and teach how here in NC, but there are several online sites that have step-by-step tutorials that are very easy to follow. There's plenty of time to get started for next year.

    jaz: Thank you. I do have patience but have always enjoyed miniature work. You'll have to try some, yourself!

  13. I love the rooster ones! I collect all things chickens and roosters, so these caught my eye right away!

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  14. Lanita: That's a good choice because they bring good fortune and wealth into your life. Thanks for the visit. Look forward to seeing you, again.


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