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Sunshine Blog Award for me? OMG!

OMG! I've been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award from one of my favorite bloggers, Terria over at Daily Good.  This lovely lady goes out of her way to find the best people doing the most incredible things to make our lives more fulfilling, self-sufficient, and show the giving spirit within. Plus, she's very much aware of those who don't have the benefits that many have and has taken all the work out of finding ways to give of ourselves, whether time or money, to the less fortunate. Well, she gave me this award, but it comes with it's own set of rules. I need to pass it on to at least 12 bloggers I want to share with you and they, in turn, have some small chores to do.  Terria did such a great job describing what has to be done that I'm just going to share what she sent me.

This award is traditionally passed on to those blogger's that inspire others and show positivity and creativity, so, in that spirit, I have picked my nominees from blogs that I visit regularly and are very informative and inspiring to me.   The rules for accepting the award are:
This is what I've done and the nominees should do the same if they choose to:
1) Put the logo within my blog or on my post

2) Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers

3) Link the nominees within my post

4) Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog

5) Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from.

Thank you very much Terria for this award. I am truly honored and humbled to be chosen.
Here are my chosen bloggers -- and this was HARD, because I wanted every one to have an award -- in no particular order:
1.  Joyce at Octoberfarm  - If you can handle looking at beautiful gardens, antiques, and old world charm from a very elegant lady who manages to place beauty in every corner and share through her photographs, please do yourself a favor and drop by.
2. Paloma at The Coffee Shop. Paloma is an ardent coffee lover with a young family who shares her days and dreams (and, sometimes, daydreams) with us while we enjoy a cup of our favorite coffee (or, tea, or lemon-water, for that matter) visiting her blog. If you have a favorite view or picture showing coffee, stop by and share it on Fridays, when blog visitors can share their own pictures of coffee photographs and adventures.

3. Pricilla is very unique -- she's the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap. The thoughts and comments of Pricilla, the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap. This is a great blog that lets you share in the daily antics and opinions of a small herd of 'diva' goats with some great pix and thoughts to help you share their world.

4. Nate and Annie at House of Annie  Nate and Annie are an east-west couple who just happen to love cooking, food, and sharing -- especially those foods that have been home-grown and then prepared in your own recipes. Once a month participants from all over the world submit their recipes of anything that they have prepared from their own gardens or foods that others have grown and shared with them. Beautiful pix and great recipes.

5. Christine at Peak Oil Hausfrau  Christine is the one to go to for some serious information about helping communities going local and creating a self-sustaining life style. A former risk and process management consultant, she currently co-chairs the Transition Town OKC initiating group for helping towns develop self-sufficiency.

6. Rhea at Texas Word Tangle  If you just enjoy letting a few words lead to thoughts that become fun and fabulous articles, please go visit Rhea. Find out just what she does with her Easter Peeps! She just makes my days brighter!

7. Chile at Chile Chews  Chile is the vanguard of those who embrace sustainable living for their food, health, and human-powered lifestyle. She's avid about reducing unnecessary consumption and waste and has taken the time to find great solutions to any problems you may want to bring up about how to go about creating your own self-sustained world. She's one smart lady and very inspiritional.

8. The Solar Oven Chef is an adventurous lady who has set herself the task of using her solar oven for a full year, ala Julie and Julia, whenever there is available sun. Her recipes are a blend of published cookbooks and those remembered from many years of living in Italy that offer some new and exciting ways of preparing your meals. She leads a very busy life as an active community volunteer at the animal shelter and for a variety of projects, whose helping hand is, I'm sure, very much appreciated.

9. Christer at The Cottage by the Cranelake  in Sweden shares his life living right next to Cranelake through some breathtaking photography and a gentle story-telling that puts you right there with him as he walks the lanes, by-ways, and villages of Skaraborg. His troupe of cats and dogs follow along and sometimes even enter some photos to show how much they enjoy the walk, which always ends with a nice cup of tea back in the cottage.

10. Mary at Writing Without Periods  Mary is just plain fun, taking a poke and peek at whatever is on her mind and then making you think about it, too! Wednesdays are nostalgic looks at her world through old photos. With just a few lines you are drawn into her circle. No agenda, just a great lady letting retirement lead her rather than trying to control her retirement. A true let-it-happen world.

11. Casey Angelova at Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria Casey is letting us share her current life while in Bulgaria by taking copious photos of all her side tours, meals, and gardening. Discover  foods and places you have only dreamt about and can now see through the eyes of this very insightful young woman. She's young, vibrant, and not afraid to take on her world. And, then, she's delighted to share it with you.

12. Christina at Write-Brained  Christina Lee is a columnist for Cleveland's The Sun News, writes fiction for Young Adults, and creates the most beautiful hand-stamped jewelry. A very busy lady, quirky and sharp, with a lot to say and well worth the read.
Well, that's my list but, as I said before, there are many others I would like for you to meet and maybe that can be done just a little later on.  Thank you, again, Terria. I'm as tickled as I can be.


  1. Congratulation on the award. How fun. And thanks for mentioning me. I love it.

  2. Well you deserve your award lady. Because you crack ME up!! I am very honored--thank you!

  3. awwwww...shucks!!! thanks so much for the nod!!!!

  4. Hey Sharlene! Thanks for the award - I'm honored you thought of me!

  5. I´m honored! Than You!
    But I´m usually useless on passing on these awards.
    Thanks once again!

  6. Thank you so much Sharlene! I really appreciate all your great comments and insights on my adventures. Because of you, I know am aware of kohlrabi, which I just found in my grocery store... too bad I missed your beef heart, kohlrabi challenge, you almost made me want to try offal!

  7. All very well deserved blogs! I checked some of them out. I am now a little more likely to move to Bulgaria, and do one day hope I catch a dark storm rolling over Texas!

  8. Great award for you! Thank you for passing it along to me. No promises that I will keeping it moving, but I do appreciate the ... um, appreciation. :)

  9. CONGRATS on the award!!! Isn't it just so fabulous receiving them?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to do Favorite Things Friday from now on and definitely going to mention the gift cards...I'll link your blog since you mentioned it. :)


  10. @workforced Let me know when you come for a visit! The more the merrier :)

  11. i did not make the village but you could make one so easily since you have a kiln. i sure wish i had one. i used to be heavily into pottery!

  12. Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations. If I passed the award on to you, please don't feel that it's a do-or-die commandment to send it on, immediately. Blogging is a job and awards are wonderful, but we should still be in control of our own lives. Maybe, one a week or wait until life is a little slower for you (haha, that's funny!) but just know that I felt you deserved it!

    Now, go have a cup of tea and think of me while taking your first sip, then get back to your real world!


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