Saturday, January 15

Giving Hope, Giving Thanks, Giving New Life

Giving Hope, First and Foremost
This has been a very different and difficult time for most of the world. We've had weather extremes, all over, and devastation that has caused so much heartache for so many. It's a time for giving and for giving thanks. But, first things first. I know that we are still helping those in New Orleans and Haiti, but if you could just stretch that dollar a bit more and help the tsunami-hit Australians who have lost everything by the flooding. Janet Clarkson, cookbook author and Brisbane resident,  has a wonderful blog called The Old Foodie where she shares her research and knowledge of the history of foods, along with wonderful recipes to try (if you can figure out the words from the past!). Her lastest posting shares a great Soup for Air-Raids, along with information about how to send your donations of money (they don't want articles, foods, or people showing up!) If you decide you don't want to pop over and then spend the next five years thoroughly engrossed in some fantastic food lore, you can go directly to the Australian Government's Premier's Flood Relief Appeal site that has the information for donations in all venues -- checks, direct deposits, posting by snail, whatever your preference for donating. You'll find at least one convenient way for you to do it. Please do what you can.

Giving Thanks - You Made My Day
Two days ago, I received not one but two (count them, two) blog awards from Dawn of What's Cookin'? - Hamms Kitchen. and, of course, I want to say thank you. What's great about the awards is that you can just pass them on without requiring all kinds of reciprocity etc. They're just bloggy love, for you to do with as you wish. But, hamms (that's what she goes by) is a vegetarian who married a carnivore and they've been together for 20 years. (I guess she sleeps with one eye open!) So, she's had to learn how to cook with meat. She's a geographer who absolutely loves food and has some great recipes that I hope you'll check out and maybe include in your repertoires.  So, here are my awards -- Ta da!


And, I'm sending them on to three bloggers that fill my mornings with that extra feel-good moment:
jaz at Octoberfarm
A fellow North Carolinian,  The Mom Chef
and Frugal Tractor Mom.

You're all busy, I know. Just enjoy your award and bask in it. (Or, you can pass the bask along... just sayin')

Last But Not Least, Giving New Life
It's January. Yup, this is when we get all our tax information for filing and -- tatata-ta-tada! Seed Catalogs! Yeah. What fun, to see the new and cherish the old, and make the final, final, decision of what we'll be growing and growling about, this year. For those of you who are my faithful followers from day one (hahahahahahaha--ha!), you'll know what I mean by "birthing sheets" in front of the television. For those of you whose interest I've sparked, here's my how-to post that will  get you started on an easy-living, easy-planting, evening before the TV! Believe me, once you try this method of garden planning, you'll never go back to the old hard way, bent over, placing seeds in a row, in the broiling sun! Birthing Sheet Planting!

Well, that's it for a mixed bag posting. I hope you'll open your hearts and pockets just a bit more to help those in need, visit hamms for some really great recipes, and discover a fantastic way of growing fresh vegetables and herbs for you and yours.
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