Saturday, January 29

VLOG - FAQ 1 - What Do You Do If There's No Sun?

FAQ 1:  Well, I've finally started the vlog series based on questions about solar cooking that I've received from mainstream cooks. After lots of stumbles, here's No. 1, warts and all. This better be the LAST new high-tech thingy invented before my estate matures or I'm in real trouble! Please bear in mind that my answers aren't the final word but what I've found works the best for me and what I feel would be the most helpful for you. Consider them as suggestions to get you started before your own wonderful creativity takes over!

So, without further ado, FAQ1: What do you do if there's no sun?
I'm going to send you to the YouTube video because it's just too jerky here in the blog and I would prefer a continuous video. Will have to work on that. Have a great day!


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