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Inspiration - Moving to a Dedicated Solar Cooking Domain

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The New Year Inspires Change
This first week of 2011 filled me with inspiration to do something about my laziness. Getting a dedicated blog site has been on the back burner far too long. I've owned the domain solarcookingathome[dot]com for years but, for some unknown reason, have been hesitant to use it. With the new year and added focus on making the change, it occurred to me that 'solar cooking at home' didn't reflect my mission when read cold -- like in a Google search. The subtitle said it better, yet, not quite on spot.

So, what was my inspiration to even try to bring solar cooking to mainstream cooks, those wonderful people living in housing developments, apartments, and small-tract housing? It was the immediate significant savings in my home energy bill and the companion reduction in fossil fuel usage that made solar cooking cutting edge common sense. Combined with other energy-saving appliances, you can see the savings reflected within the first two or three months of use on your energy bill. I don't live in a commune, don't go camping, and am not a survivalist. My cooking is very mainstream, whether using original, gourmet, boxed or frozen meals, from whatever I can find at the local market or fresh from a summer garden. The only difference is that I use the sun for long-term cooking of my recipes, and that means I'm cooking for FREE! In other words, I'm mainstream solar cooking!

I'm mainstream solar cooking! Eureka! Duh! Mainstream... Solar... Cooking! That's it; that's the domain name I needed and it was available. The only downside was that I lost all my comments with the switchover and I'm so sad. I think I've lost all my followers, too! at least their little avatars, on my home page.  Come back! Come back! little avatars, if you can... 8-( 

But, to all of you, new and old, welcome to my new domain: I hope you'll take a look at my video of solar meals through 2010 and see just how easy, economical, and delicious solar meals can be. Come to think of it -- YOU'RE my inspiration!
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