Wednesday, July 7

Plethora of Blueberries Has Been Tamed by Solar Oven

Blueberries Tamed by Solar Oven
With many thanks to my gracious and generous neighbor, I have had a plethora of blueberries to prepare and enjoy -- beyond piling them in a bowl and covering them with cream and sugar! Yummie!

Let's start with blueberry pancakes, covered in a solar blueberry sauce that will last a few more weeks!

Then, on to making some blueberry muffins in the solar oven for a quick breakfast treat.

What do you know! It was day 10 for the Amish Bread mixture and so in went the blueberries. To make the bread rise a little sooner, I used a SolarWear(tm) Heating Bag under the cake pans. It seems to do the trick. I've marked it on the picture.

Yum! Moist and delicious.
And, for a real American dessert for the Fourth of July, Blueberry Pandowdy!
Actually was under the illusion that there'd be plenty of berries left over to make some jam, but there just wasn't enough and my neighbor had been more than gracious, so I was not going to ask for more!  This should do me for this year and enjoy the respite before the nectarines arrive.


  1. Have you ever canned in your SO? I'm curious to know if it would be up to the food safety standards.

  2. What is a pandowdy? Never heard of it bu it looks really nice in the photo :-)

    I have periods when I make lots and lots of jam. I think this will be such a year. Last time i did it I had jam for over four years :-) :-) Not blueberry jam however, ve have bushes in the forest but I have never seen a single blueberry? But it looks as if we´re getting lots of raspberries and I it looks like I will get plenty of goosberries and black currants in my garden :-)

    Have a great day now!

  3. Yes, no, maybe so, certainly -- (couldn't resist!) but, it's done similar to anything that requires a hot-water bath. You can 'cook' (I undercook, a bit) your veggies, fruits, soups, etc. Then, you need to put them in a hot-water bath for the amount of time shown for each type of food.

    If you don't put them through the hot-water bath, but the top has 'popped' and sealed, you can still freeze them or put them on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator and they will keep for months. If this is done at the end of the harvesting season, you have essentially 'canned' your food until the electricity goes off for more than a week or two. But, you CANNOT place them on a pantry shelf and assume they are safe without using a hot-water bath. So, you can see that it really is a mixed answer... just like life. 8-)

  4. Christer - A pandowdy is similar to almost any berry dessert like crumble, cobbler, slump, but is probably less attractive because the dough is folded back in on itself and pressed into the berries. (I made mine too pretty for a really authentic pandowdy.) There's a rumor that that's how the dish got its name, because it looked so dowdy in the baking pan. Truth is, the tummy doesn't care what it looked like, as long as it's got a nice dollop of cream on top!

  5. It's the ode to the blueberry!! If we can only stop the number 1 son from eating them before we could pick them to fix in all these cool dishes!

  6. hi can go to the keds website and design your own shoes. i was thrilled that braedon made these for me! pandowdy...yum!

  7. Oh my goodness! Those look yummy!

  8. Everything looks delicious especially those blueberry muffins! My favorite :-)

  9. I love blueberries and all of your recipes!

  10. That last picture looks DIVINE, I tell ya! LOVE me some blueberries!

  11. The pancakes look particularly delicious!

  12. Looks yummy!Thanks for following my blog! I like your attitude too :)

    XO Cinderella

  13. As a newcomer to the net, I am often looking on-line for facts that will aid me. This has been one that is. Thank you!


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