Friday, July 23

Summer Container Vegetable Garden Update

Summer Container Garden Has Survived the Heat
There's been so much happening in the last few months that I almost forgot to update on the gardens. Spring container garden finished up in late May and the summer garden went in the first week of June. Then we had nothing but hot dry weather and I really thought I wouldn't have a summer garden. But, I diligently went out in the cool early mornings and watered the beds. Things were slow until last weekend's daily thunderstorm and cooler weather. Vegetables had a great growth spurt and even offered up some goodies.  If you look close, you can see my first summer squash in there.

Tomatoes are blooming and the pole beans are slipping up next to the squash.
Cleared out most of the spring greens and have put in some bush beans in this cleared area. The basket is for some onions, the squash, and fresh herbs for a new recipe.
Remember that Lasagna garden I planted in early April, then put the potted herbs right in it? Well, here it is, with a few extra veggies (Big Boy tomatoes, Eggplant, and Okra) filling in the spaces. The Basil, German Thyme, and Greek Oregano are ready for a first harvesting. Tarragon, Chives, Lemon Thyme, and Rosemary have asked for a little more time.

Don't know why but Blogger is making it difficult for me to minimize this picture. Will ultimately get it to work, I hope.  So, all in all, I'm pleased with the results. Didn't use the Topsy-Turvys this year because I wanted to rotate my crops and had the space in the garden.


  1. glad you are liking the rosemary bread recipe. we can't get enough of it!

  2. How did the Topsy Turvy containers work last year?

  3. The garden looks great!! I'll have to get some pictures of ours up!

  4. Your vegetables looks great! I had forgotten to plant the potatoes after midsummer, so I did it just two days ago :-) But I think it´ll be enough time left to give me some potatoes after all. I wrote about it in my blog if You haven´t seen it.

    Have a great day now!

  5. jaz - it's wonderful! thanks for sharing...

    POH - the TopsyTurvys worked very well for tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers... will do them again next year.

    Tractor Mom - Please do... love to see gardens... thanks for stopping by...

    Christer - Yes, I saw your post on the potatoes and know it would be too late in our climate to plant potatoes -- but I've saved your information... good stuff... thanks.

  6. It's looking good over here! Our tomatoes are finally coming in too!

  7. Your garden looks fantastic! I'm glad all of your hard work has paid off :). The hubby recently cleared out space in our backyard and created a walled off area with stones so that we can plant a veggie/herb garden next summer! I can't wait :)

  8. It's so nice to be able to walk right outside and gather ingredients, isn't it? Garden looks great.

    Why do you do "plant" containers in the ground instead of putting the plants straight in?

  9. Christina - Thanks... my fellow gardeners have been a rough year, here, so this has been a great surprise.

    Sarah - If you have very stony ground, the lasagna gardens are right up your alley. Doing one in November is ideal for winterizing and having a garden ready for early planting. Check out my earlier posting:

    Chile - I don't usually but I actually 'planted' these pots into a lasagna garden I had just completed and didn't want the manure to burn the roots. By keeping them in the pots (like the ferns), I was able to protect the larger established roots, the bottom was removed and placed over compost, not manure, and I knew they would be okay. Lasagna gardens normally need a few weeks to 'settle' which is why building one in the fall is perfect for winterizing larger beds.

  10. I think your garden looks fantastic which reminds me, I need to water my tomatoes.

  11. Very impressive!! I would love to be able to grow all those herbs and veggies.

  12. Glad your garden is surviving the heat...I wish I was :-) Now following.

  13. I'm hoping to start a container garden/herb and veggie garden next year. We had one last year but the crazy side of life got in the way this year... though the tomatoes reseeded and are growing untended. Gotta try that rosemary bread recipe too. Sounds delicious.

  14. We used some containers this year...and everything in them seems to be doing great! I'm hoping that our tomatoes will show up again next year if we just leave them to reseed (she says with fingers crossed). The rosemary in my garden is just screaming to be used - I think I'll try out the bread recipe :)

  15. Beautiful garden! And how wonderful to have all these fresh ingrediants right at hand for your inspiring recipes (solar cooked, natch).
    Sharlene, Thanks for all the inspiration this past year. I've learned so much from you and your blog.

  16. Tammy - Thank you... I hope you've watered the tomatoes, by now! 8-)

    Lori - You can always start with some containers of grape tomatoes and salad greens... they're easy and make a pretty planter, as well.

    Mary - Thanks for following... now, did you join while under the influence of the heat, or...?... doesn't matter, delighted to have you...

    MaggieMae - Once you do it, you'll never be able to eat another truck tomato... I imagine your reseeded tomatoes are like cherry toms this year, no? that's what usually happens... Yes, you have got to try that Rosemary Bread... it's delicious and soooo easy... welcome!

    Natalie - Just remember to water them (at least a cup a day) through the hot months... as I told MaggieMae, most reseeded tomatoes come back as the little cherry-type tomatoes... and, do try that bread.. it's delicious and no fats, milk product, or sugars involved... yum...

    Terria - It sure is... and, of course, solar cooked... can't waste that great energy while enjoying a cool kitchen... and you're more than welcome because I believe I'm far more inspired by you than the reverse... many blessings to you...

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