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Solar Cooking at Home - Why It's the Green Thing to Do - Vlog No.1

Intro to Solar Cooking at Home - Why It's the Green Thing to Do
Okay. I've taken the plunge. Put on your dark glasses and silk screening to protect your eyes from immediate blindness and your soul from being sucked in by internet waves! This is me, getting through my day, warts and all -- including sputtering... Yes, this is the same lady whose profile picture looks...well...different...from the vlog.  That's because it costs money and lots of rolls of film to look that natural! So, I decided to skip the primping and special clothes because I know there'll be more vlogs to come and I didn't want to have to get gorgeous every time there would be something to show you. So, here it is.

Some rules to keep in mind:
   1.  This is the how and why of what solar cooking means to me, and to you.
   2.  I didn't edit any sluffs because it's unscripted and I'm not perfect (in spite of what all my friends say!)
   3.  I have a heart of gold and it's in the bottom drawer on the left...

[Pssst.  Just love the way the camera angle gets rid of my double chin, too!] I can only assume these (the vlogs, not the chins) will improve as time passes, or, at least, before I pass... thanks for visiting.


  1. You are a natural! I look forward to more. Show me that oven already.

  2. Great video! You´re a natural in front of the camera! Did You have a manuscript or was You just going along with Your theme?

    Since there are no solar owens to buy here I´m thinking of building my own. Can I use mirrors that I have instead of aluminium foil on the inside? Or would that work less good? I have some on one wall here and they´ve bin there since I bought my cottage. I never really liked them but been to lazy to remove them :-) :-)

    I´m looking forward to the next video!
    Have a great day now!

  3. Awesome vlog! I'm greatly impressed! Hamp, my little one, sat and watched you talking back to you the whole time! He just looked at me and smiled when it was finished. I think he liked it too!

  4. Love your cookbook, it actually came with my new Sun Oven. I'm cooing in it right now. We maybe won't have has many "Sun"days in Utah as you do but i'm anxious to try to new things.


  5. Wooohooo! Way to go with your first vlog!

  6. You are fabulous! I LOVED your Vlog and you are just a natural in front of that camera!

  7. the vlog is soooo cool! i love it! i put the buns on an oiled cookie sheet because they need to rest while you are making them and you want a light coating of oil on them for cooking and you also don't want them to stick while waiting to be cooked.

  8. You are composed, interesting and welcoming. You need a talk show!!! I love your vlog.

  9. i don't care what you say you look fabulous!

    and kudos to you for doing a cook book!

  10. Lexi: We are BOTH on tenterhooks waiting to see it. My mfg. says this week for sure and I'm as nervous as a bride on a burr mattress!

    Christer: No, it's not scripted but a message I've thought about for years, now, so that helped alot. It's scary in front of that camera! The mirrors would be perfect but make it a very heavy oven so you'd have to decide location, first, I would think... some of the instructions may help you better than I...

    TractorMom: Thank you. Glad you both enjoyed it... tell Hamp I'll be thinking of him and getting him prepared for a solar cooking lifestyle...

    2Sammi: Hello, and welcome! The cook book was such fun and the eating was the best part!

    JoJo: I was gonna dance, but lost my nerve... 8-)

    Tammy: Thank you. {{{hugs}}}

    Jaz: Thank you, too... it's easier being on the other side... thanks for the explanation... I knew there was a good one... makes perfect sense...

    Mary: Very, humble thank you... don't know about the show... would have to have folks asking the questions...

    Ericka: It's the camera angle, but thank you... and a second merci beaucoup for the cookbook mention...

  11. Fantastic Vlog. Loved the line about being friends because we don't live next door to each other. Made me laugh.

  12. Great vlog!Good for you to make this next step! Very interesting. Wish I could do this, unfortunately with living in an apartment and not a house ,and being restricted to what we can have on our tiny porch we are not allowed to have much on it past our bbq..but we do use it as often as possible. But maybe one day we will own a house again....Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I will keep checking back :o)

  13. Oh my word :)
    I loved your line 'I have a heart of gold and it is on the bottom drawer on the left : )

    So funny!

  14. You are very BRAVE. I have not entered into vlogdom yet. But your a natural at it!

  15. That was great Sharlene! And funny at the end too! ; )

  16. You make me smile! You are a natural on camera my dear...and I love #3 :)

  17. Love it my dear. You look great and you're a natural. And the sluffs are a part of the perfection. Didn't anyone tell you? Those without sluffs are imperfect. :)

  18. What a great idea, and you did great in front of the camera. I look forward to seeing your new oven.

  19. You are so cute and what a professional vlog!! Way to go Sharlene! I think maybe your own cookery series to go with the cookbooks should be your next venture!!! xx

  20. Wow! You guys slipped in there while I was cleaning out my closets!

    @Nolie - Well, it's probably why alot of people don't go to church on their street and travel across town – you know too much about each other.

    @Ruby - I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will have your own home, again, as long as you make sure there will be plenty of room for the solar oven. LOL (just kidding about the LOL...)

    @Kaishon - thank you. Do you think maybe I should not have let the world know where I keep my heart?

    @Christina - you had better start doing vlogs – once you become a bestseller, you'll be glad you practiced!

    @Anali - thanks, Anali. Now, I don't want to be all alone. When are you going to make your vlog?

    @Magic.. - Well, it's so precious, I wanted to keep it safe. I'm glad I made you smile.

    @Heligirl - thank you for reminding me that we are loved for our imperfections – that's what I used to tell my girls.

    @April - thanks, April. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I, too, am looking forward to seeing my new oven finished. It's like carrying a baby for five years.

    @Emma - gosh, Emma, I haven't been called cute since I was four years old and that's because my mother wanted my last macaroon! One step at a time, please, but something to seriously consider.

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