Thursday, July 15

Bird Nest Available to Mama Bird With Black Belt

Bird Nest Now Available to Mama Bird With Black Belt
"Know from this the world's a snare,
How that greatness is but care, 
How all pleasures are but pain,
And how short they do remain." -- Francis Beaumont

I hate to say it, but I think the cats got the babies... no signs of a struggle, though, so it's a little confusing... doesn't matter, (sigh) the nest is vacant... empty... abandoned... bare... deserted... stark... uninhabited... unlived in... untenanted... void... without contents... in other words (sniff) -- to let...


  1. sad. Maybe it was aliens?

    The neighbors have babies in their tree. They hate the tree in our yard and I can't figure out why. I wish they'd build a nest where I could watch them. They're so fun.

  2. Awww so sad. At least they won't poop on your head now.

  3. To sad!
    I found a birds nest on the ground this spring, so now I have it in a tin box until I can find something fitting in glass. I want to put it on my linnen cupboard soon.
    Take care!

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