Monday, July 12

Baby Orchard Produces -- Well, Babies!

A Serious Case of Apples and Oranges -- and, Babies!
The orchard is young and won't be producing fruit until next year but, today, I found that there was production going on -- new life!  Right in the middle of the cherry tree.  Now, last winter, my sister and I spent considerable time replacing old bird houses -- that are still looking for tenants, I might mention --  all situated in a safe place above the pampas grass, and -- away from the neighbor's cat.  But, oh, no, Mama Bird picks a cherry tree crotch about four feet off the ground and not protected, at all. Were I to give her any
 long-term thinking ability, I could accuse her of staking a claim on an early spring crop, but I figure with this late brood, she wasn't the brightest chick on the wing and was pulling on ancestral memory patterns for house-hunting.

Wait! Is that another open beak behind the 'star' hogging the photo op?  I think there is... yes,
 yes, there is! I can see an eyeball just under the camera hog's chin.
Hey! Is someone taking pictures? Why didn't you tell me. I want to be in there, too!
Aren't they adorable! Mama Bird had just dropped off a worm and flew off when she saw me. But, even though I wanted some pictures, I made sure that I didn't get in too close to make her feel her babies may be threatened.
Ready for a tasty worm! Shouldn't Mama Bird be back?  Go away, Lady -- we're hungry and she won't come around if you're standing around -- go! 
Fine. I can take a hint... I'm outta here like yesterday's news. I think I've found another use for my chicken wire. A nice circle around the trunk should make it much more difficult for feline hunters. So, I'm off to get my chicken wire and keep an eye out for the neighbor's cats!

P.S. I was worried for nothing... went to put up the chicken wire fencing and the nest is -- empty! 8-(  Must have caught them in there on their very last day... phew!  Hope I didn't scare them off... do birds move their nests?  Need to check that out...


  1. Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing:)I have no idea about moving nests??

  2. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I love birds and watching the little babies! What a super picture! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. That's so awesome! We had a cardinal who had laid eggs in her nest right outside our bedroom window but something got the eggs! No babies!

  4. GREAT shots! I don't think they move their nests!

  5. Those are some great shots! How fabulous!

  6. Great phot´s!
    But I´m afraid that the cat might have been there. Birds doesn´t change nests I´m afraid and they look like they have no real feathers either, so flying away doesn´t seeme possible. But put the net there next spring!

    Have a great day now!

  7. OH, I love it!! That picture is fantastic...the little guy is hungry! Keep us posted on how they do!

  8. Great pics! Those baby birds are DARLING!

  9. How very precious. But watch that cat! Check out my blog I wrote about you. ;)

  10. What cute shots, and I love the description of mama bird. He, he. Thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet you!

  11. What a great picture. Pity they're gone. Stupid mommy bird. Child neglect, for sure.

  12. What precious photos...You are such a mama bird with the fence:) I am sure it was there time to spread their wings, but I bet they will be back:)


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